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How is egg white powder made in our egg powder factory?

We have built a new factory that produces powdered eggs. Previously, our company outsourced the drying process, but due to the rising transport costs and a growing market demand we decided to take control of the production process.
As a result of this, we launched a brand new factory under the name Dutch Egg Powder Solutions (abbreviated Deps), a place where we manufacture albumin powder, egg yolk powder, whole egg powder and custom egg powder products. Therefore, we manage the complete process from start to finish.

Our egg powder factory

The Deps factory is equipped with the most modern technologies and advanced equipment. For example, the air is filtered and purified before it enters the factory. The quality of our products is being strictly monitored. Our factory produces about 120 tonnes of egg powder each week. The egg powders we produce can be made according to client requirements, which means that we are able to add ingredients such as salt, sugar, and flour just to give a few examples. Furthermore, we can produce ready-to-use baking mixtures for industrial bakeries. We use the egg powder manufacturing process of spray drying the eggs in thin layers to dehydrate them.

The egg powder manufacturing processĀ 

The egg powder manufacturing process starts with fresh eggs that are put through different advanced machines. The eggs are broken with the use of a cutting edge technology and then the egg whites are separated from the egg yolk. The cracking of the eggs is quick. Otherwise the thin layer of albumen would stick to the egg shell. At Deps, we are keeping the contamination of eggs at a minimum and try as much as we can to avoid any possible infections. We keep our high standards through a process where several eggs are cracked open and checked so that we know that the rest of the batch is in a good state as well.

After this moment in the egg powder manufacturing process, you can compare the process of powdered milk. The eggs, egg white or egg yolk are pasteurized and spray-dried in a liquid form. This egg manufacturing process part consists of spray-drying a thin layer of egg white, egg or egg yolk. This is done in a room with a higher temperature that enables the water to evaporate out of the eggs. After the egg fluid is completely dried, it is grinded and packed in a hygienic way. The powder is placed in a bag and sealed for transport.

Wulro Wulro Eggs & Eggproducts

Dutch Egg Powder Solutions B.V. was founded in 2015 by independently owned family company Wulro. Wulro Food Group has been a strong player in the egg market since 1884. The company mainly focuses on the production of egg products for a variety of domestic and international clients in de food business.

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  • Graafschap hornelaan 140 J
    6004 HT, Weert
    Limburg, The Netherlands
  • +31 495-745700
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  • Graafschap hornelaan 140 J
    6004 HT, Weert
    Limburg, The Netherlands
  • +31 495-745700
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