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What is the egg powder shelf life of our egg powder company?

Powdered eggs are easy to store and can last much longer than regular eggs or eggs that are supplied in liquid form into containers. However, what is the egg powder shelf life and when do you need to get rid of the powder? Additionally, is the egg powder still nutritious after storing it and what is the best way to store the egg powder? Therefore, we will tell you the shelf life of the egg powders of our egg powder company!

What are the powdered eggs made of and is it nutritious?

Powdered eggs are not a substitute as they are made of real eggs. Therefore, someone with an allergy for eggs cannot use the powdered version. The eggs are washed and cracked open in a machine. The liquid eggs are filtered and cooled down so bacteria cannot get into the powder. Afterwards, the eggs are dried in a spray-drying process. Thin layers of egg are being sprayed on a plate where they can dry. The powdered eggs can be divided in whole egg powder, egg white powder or egg yolk powder.

Powdered eggs are just as nutritious as regular eggs. They contain a high level of protein, vitamins suchs as vitamin A and D, are high in choline and have amino acids. However, people with a high blood pressure need to be aware of the fact that powdered eggs contain a higher level of sodium content due to sodium aluminosilicate. This is an anti-caking additive that has been added to enable the powder to be smooth.

DEPS: egg powder shelf life - egg powder companyThe egg powder shelf life and storage

When it comes to storing, egg powder lasts very long. The egg powder has a shelf life of up to 25 years. This makes it possible to store egg powder for emergencies or other occasions, without having to worry about spilling the product. The powdered eggs are a great way to use them for many different recipies and are easy to mix in recipies where you do not need to have liquid eggs.

As consequence of the egg powder being boxed or put in containers, it does not need to be stored in a refrigerated area. This is one of the main reasons why the egg powder shelf life is so long. When stored, make sure that the egg powder is placed in a dark place. Additionally, due to the long egg powder shelf life the product is great to use when storage is limited.

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Dutch Egg Powder Solutions B.V. was founded in 2015 by independently owned family company Wulro. Wulro Food Group has been a strong player in the egg market since 1884. The company mainly focuses on the production of egg products for a variety of domestic and international clients in de food business.

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  • Graafschap hornelaan 140 J
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  • Graafschap hornelaan 140 J
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