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The most appropriate way of buying and using egg whites for a long period is to use the ones which have been dried and cleared of any moisture. One of the main reasons is that egg white powder has a longer shelf life and is more shelf stable than liquid egg whites. Egg white powder is produced by spraying atomized liquid egg white in a heated drying chamber. A continuous flow of accelerated heated air removes most of the moisture.

Powdered egg whites are basically pure albumen or dried egg white. It can be reconstituted by mixing the powder with water. The reconstituted powder whips like fresh egg white and since it is pasteurized it can be safely used without cooking it.

DEPS: egg white powder - egg powder manufacturerDifferences in egg white powders when choosing Deps as your egg powder manufacturer

At Deps we offer several different egg white powders which contain a high amount of products to either make gel or have a high amount of products that can easily be whipped with. Therefore, we provide you with many different types of egg white powders. Based on your needs, we find the right type of powder for you. We have the regular powder, but also powder which is extremely useful for making gel or whipping the texture into foam. This is one of the reasons to chose Deps as your egg white powder manufacturer.

Egg white powder application

Egg white powder can be used for all types of preparation. It is largely utilized in the process of making cakes, meringues, sponges, desserts, gluten free breads and muffins. However, a big trend that is used in the modern kitchen is the process of making egg white powder combined with water to create bubbles or foam. You can easily make some sort of gel from the egg white powder. As mentioned before, we have three different types of egg white powder. If you want to make a gel, it is useful to use the egg white powder high gel that we provide at Deps.

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Wulro Wulro Eggs & Eggproducts

Dutch Egg Powder Solutions B.V. was founded in 2015 by independently owned family company Wulro. Wulro Food Group has been a strong player in the egg market since 1884. The company mainly focuses on the production of egg products for a variety of domestic and international clients in de food business.

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  • Graafschap hornelaan 140 J
    6004 HT, Weert
    Limburg, The Netherlands
  • +31 495-745700
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  • Graafschap hornelaan 140 J
    6004 HT, Weert
    Limburg, The Netherlands
  • +31 495-745700
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